PC Peregrinatobeta

PC Peregrinato - A remote control to PC
from an android device..

The PC Peregrinato Remote Solution 2.0 Beta is Now Launched, Download it now

Control your PC from Android Device using PC Peregrinato, its Plugin & more…

This is the main application which enables you to connect your Android device through PC using Bluetooth and Wifi Connection. For getting started download PC Peregrinato from Play Store on your Android device and PC Peregrinato PC Companion on PC also and get connected. You may now setup the connection by downloading the pair from below links

Check Out PC Peregrinato Remote’s Unique Plugins

Our Plug-in approach provides great modularity. Once you connect using PC Peregrinato you can download different Plugins to add new features. You can download plugins from links below.


Remote Desktop PC Peregrinato

The Remote Desktop PC Peregrinato allows you to operate your PC directly from your mobile device. It’s great for controlling, managing and do basic functions. Take control of your PC, without being anywhere near.


Remote Input PC Peregrinato

The Mouse and Keyboard Remote turns your Android phone into a wireless remote control for your PC! You can control the mouse with a touchpad (like laptops), and type text with the keyboard software from Android or a built-in hardware keyboard. You also have the ability to send frequently used shortcuts (show desktop, etc.).

PPT Remote PC Peregrinato

.PowerPoint Keynote Remote is a free Android, iOS and Windows Phone remote control.Remote controlling your PowerPoint and Keynote presentation has never been easier. Connect from your phone to your Windows computer with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.Change slide with a single click, swipe or the volume buttons on the phone. And at the same time get access to a number of features that maximize your ability to deliver the presentation
Comming Soon !!

WMP Remote PC Peregrinato

Window Media Player Remote ( WMP Remote ) application allows you to remotely control your Window Media Player of your PC using Bluetooth Connection.

• Complete Library Support
• Sync Application
• Touch to seek

Comming Soon !!