Our Story

After a year of design, development and product testing the PC Peregrinato Remote was born. We believe in high quality products. Our remote is a shining example of simplicity and a good design. Smaller, lighter, and simpler to use than any other remote on the market. It’s as easy as add features dynamically and the remote onto existing connection, start the app, and choose your remote. Now, you’re ready to go.

Designed with crossplatform was not that easy , PC Peregrinato incorporates the latest IPC. PC Peregrinato is going to be open-source soon so that others can develop with us too.

Vinit Siriah

A undergraduate computer science engineer who loves technology, programming, conectivity & . He’s been making connectivity apps since high school and loving every minute of it. Vinit is the brain behind the connectivity, protocols and technical aspects of PC Peregrinato.

Atmiya Malviya

A skillfull computer science engineer who is passionate about his art of Graphics and Designing. He is proffessional Graphic and UI developer. Atmiya is resposible for UI designing of PC Peregrinato